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There are other credit scoring models available to consumers but only FICO scores are used by lenders to make lending decisions.

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 Dear Valued Customer,

More than ever, your personal credit history has become one of the single most important factors relating to your financial security and success. In most cases, consumers do not deliberately plan on making crucial mistakes when it comes to their credit history. Rather, we have seen that a life event such as a job loss, illness, or something to this effect occurs, forcing families into dead-end situations.

At Premier Credit, a Utah consumer credit repair company, we believe that with every challenge arises the opportunity to overcome. This company was created on the foundation of helping individuals and families restore their credit and get back to enjoying the peace of mind that comes with financial security.

Go ahead and take the challenge today, give us a call and we’ll review your personal credit report for absolutely free. While there is no obligation to retain our services, you’ll soon realize that Premier Credit Consulting offers you the opportunity to get back in the credit game and get back on your feet! Here’s to a second chance!


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