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With interest rates at an all time low and buyer demand increasing, there has never been a better time to build a new home! We understand that poor credit report scores keep buyers from qualifying and prevent home builders from selling homes. Premier Credit Consulting was created to improve the overall credit qualifying ability of the home buyer so our home building partners sell and close more homes. Simply put, home builders that utilize the services of Premier Credit Consulting increase their sales pipelines and close more homes.

Our customized approach dramatically improves your ability to retain prospective buyers regardless of their current credit situation. Our purpose is to restore, build and enhance the overall credit profile of each buyer bringing them one step closer to the reality of home ownership. Our company is built on the solid principles of proven results and consistency. Our results speak for themselves. Home builders that partner with Premier Credit Consulting have increased their annual closings by an average of 10%. Our building partners dramatically increase their sales teams ability to work with more potential buyers and close more homes.

We create home buyers! Give us a call today to explore the program in more detail. Stop turning business away and start building an annuity of loyal, credit qualified buyers. Call us today at 877-955-7767.

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