Courtney – Hard Times Overcome – Living In A Motel To Owning A Home

Credit Score: 509 to 600s

State: Utah


Courtney, a retired military man and an old farmer, has always preferred buying over renting. Throughout his life he never rented intentionally, but extenuating circumstances forced him out of home ownership. He was stuck renting for two years or more, which left him pretty rattled. After living in his trailer while traveling the world fishing with his daughter, he eventually ended up in a hotel with one room, one burner, and a microwave. He confessed, “It was a horrible little place” and realized, “I can’t live like this.” That’s when he started looking for a way to get back into a home.

Making matter worse, Courtney was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He let everyone know about his disability because he was more prone to make mistakes. He retained his common sense, however, allowing him to face his financial situation. Writing a brief statement to put on his credit report helped his creditors to understand his situation so that they could move forward.

To help save money to settle his debts, Courtney began to use public transportation. He hated doing it, but he was driven enough to do whatever it took. He realized that many of his problems were 100% attitude so he determined upfront that he would tough it out. “Once you get a good attitude and get a good grip around the neck with your fingers and squeeze a little bit, your eyeballs will pop out to reality and see things in a little different light, so what a wonderful thing!”

Courtney’s credit report had many old sundry items that he had trouble getting to the bottom of. He tried to find out who it was that he owed, but could not figure out who he should pay to get everything eliminated. He wanted to pay off his debts or set up a plan to get it all taken care of. Premier helped him to get those negotiations with creditors taken care of. One of his debts was a $9 delinquent account. He simply could not figure out whom to pay it to, all for a lousy $9! He also experienced a rude awakening with regards to the amount of time it would take to restore his credit but he got through it one step at a time the proper way.

Finally as things began to look up financially, things took a turn for the worst. Courtney got pneumonia and while in the hospital was told to gather his family for final goodbyes. With grim determination, Courtney overcame that hurdle as well. Once finally free financially and physically, Courtney got a loan through the VA.

Now Courtney is back in home ownership. He sings praises to the beauty of his property and the friendliness of the neighbors. Closing on the home was quick and not very difficult because of the effort he put into clearing up any and all problems. Courtney says with regards to his credit, “I am so lucky and I’ll do everything in the world to protect it and do the right things at all times. You don’t get something for nothing with credit, you got to earn it. That’ll be the number one cherished thing is your name and your ability to borrow.”


“With PCC, you guys worked close with me. Back and forth and back and forth. So you don’t run around with that great name for no reason."

“We don’t know those kinds of things until we’re told but Premier has always worked to explain those things rather than just saying ‘to heck with you’ attitude. So I’m very very very fortunate now to have what I have. You’re a major help with solving all those problems, I’m so grateful for it."

“That’s what I got at Premier, was stepping stones to get into the 600. It’s a complicated situation and by golly I’m no expert on that but I have sure learned a lot and I learned it from Premier. That made a big difference in my whole life. My entire life is changed and I’ll cherish that forever.”

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