Jason – Got Behind On Bills – Racked Up Credit Card Debt

Credit Score: 690

Length of Enrollment: 155 Days

State: Wyoming


Jason got behind on bills while his wife was finishing college. Six months of missed credit card payments went into collections. When it came time to look for a house, they settled almost all of their credit cards. Their credit score was still not high enough to qualify for a loan. Their lender recommended Premier but was still super surprised by how much their score went up in less than a year.

They found a possible home and bought a modular foundation. They began to build upon it but their plans were too big for the area. They were overbuilding so they were not able to finish the project, so they are still in the hunt for a house.


“We got lucky. If they’re given advice from you they’re obviously going to have better advice. I would recommend if anybody was considering using your service, they do it."

“You’d have to be lucky to come upon you because in the consumer world there are a lot of people out there to take advantage of others. You just gotta get lucky enough and find somebody honest enough to do what they say they can do. If they come calling on your phone, they’re lucky. They’ve found a good company.”

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