Oscar- Negative Items Kill Credit Score

Credit Score: 495 to 735

State: Utah


Oscar and his wife were involved in mortgage financing so they checked their report. They found that half of the negative items were inaccurate. These low scores killed their chances of refinancing their pretty substantial mortgage. It was costing a couple thousand dollars to pay for services and the higher interest rate. So he decided to go in to Premier.

After some adventures removing bogus negative items, they saw drastic changes in their scores. With this confidence they went back into the bank where Oscar had the largest heloc. They would now work with them and they got an interest rate under 5%. Their monthly payment went down from $4,500 to $1,900.

Oscar has learned to keep an eye on his report so that it is not full of negative killers. If anything negative comes up, attack it quickly. He also realized he would have to do without taking out loans for nice new things he did not need.


“I think it requires someone professional like Premier Credit to work through the system, that understands how to get the negative bogus off and at least modify the legitimate negative stuff, at least to make it look better than what it is."

“I remember sitting and meeting with them and immediately I had the impression that these guys are straight up. Pick up the phone and call Dustin and/or Steven and get in and visit with them.”

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