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Your credit score is a “snapshot” of your credit history at that moment in time. As the content of your credit history changes, credit scores will change accordingly.


I want to tell my story because, Premier credit consulting changed my life. My credit score went up 100 points in 3 months!!! Mario and his team are the real deal. Thank you for everything now I can buy a home for my family.



Just an FYI-We funded on Chet’s new house today. You guys killed it on the credit repair. I thought there was no way we would get him done this quick. Nice work!



Credit goals have met objective, and we are scheduled to sign mortgage paperwork on the 18th. Steven and I would like to thank you ALL for your help. You ALL made this possible and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



I truly appreciate everybody.  I always knew what was going on, and I always felt confident in the information given.  I also knew I could rely on anybody there.  I have actually been telling friends and family about this company.  I intend to send anybody who needs help, to you.



Thank you!  The process was very quick and thorough!



Austin was absolutely phenomenal with listening to me and then clearly explaining and detailing the process and what to expect.  I can honestly say I already feel like a weights lifted off my shoulders, confident I am in good hands.  He was extremely knowledgeable and made sure I understood each step.  I felt good about going through Premier before and now after speaking with Austin, I have no doubt in my mind that he and Premier have my best interest in mind.  Thank you!  I can’t remember ever feeling so excited about the future and getting my credit to a place that’s good for my wife and I and our future as opposed to dreading and avoiding my credit at all costs like I have been for the past few years.



I was really ok impressed how fast they cleaned up my credit.  They was very informative with information I needed.



My whole team of experts was really great they helped me to achieve my life’s dream of owning my own house.  Maria was especially helpful with my process.  I appreciate Premier Credit Consulting.

— Anonymous


Also, thank you to your company for the wonderful service provided. Our credit has much improved and we are on our way to making financial changes that greatly benefit our family. SUCH a worthwhile investment. Thank you for all your prompt emails and phone calls to get our credit taken care of. It truly has been life changing.My medical bills are taken care of, we are saving lots of money and I am going to law school in the fall (long term goal of mine and its never quite worked out but now it has) and we are able to afford in (finally!) thanks to Premiere Credit 🙂 We own a few properties and are in the process of refi and saving $100’s a month and increasing our rental income its a HUGE life changer so thank you so very much. I would be happy to refer your company or write any letters or feedback if that would be helpful or necessary for you. Just let me know.



Personally, I have and will recommend Premier Credit Consulting to everybody I know that wants help rebuilding and/or repair their credit. Your service for me was invaluable and I cannot express how thankful I am that you guys are here to help people like me. I have applied for the first time a month ago for a small line of credit and was approved! This was due to Maria and all her hard work fighting to have things removed from my credit and for the first time in a long time saw my credit score go up significantly.

I hope that we can meet one day and talk more about what you have helped me accomplish with all your wonderful help. I hope and plan to buy a house by the end of this year and have already started my business and when they pulled my credit to see if I would qualify for a contractors license, well lets just say that my credit was not an issue because all you have done for me.

Thanks Again


Carson was amazing gave me hope the is a way out of the situation.



Wonderful company, will come back in future, also tell me friends and family.  Everyone was helpful, quick, always answered all my question.  I am very satisfied with the way this company works.



Great service, thank you so much!



I really saw results!  Thank you for all the help you provided in fixing my credit!  I will finally be able to get a home and use my credit for other things.



I am an already returning customer and will come back again if I need too.  They have been a huge help with getting me back in line of my financial life.  They have been the most polite and prompt group to work with, and very clear on every move they are doing while helping me where they can.



Your company has been there from the very beginning of our home buying process.  I truly believe that our home wouldn’t have happened without repairing our credit.  I can’t express enough how much I appreciate all that your company has done.  We have worked with many of your team have nothing but positive things to say.  Thank you so much and I hope that many others can have such a great result from working with you guys.



You guys did a great job.  Thank you all.



Just want to say thank you for helping improve our credit.  We are on our way thanks to you.



The entire process was so much easier than expected.  Couldn’t be more satisfied.



Top notch customer service!!  Every individual I spoke with on the phone or by email was wonderful to interact with.  Your company helped me immensely.  Its not very often you see this level of customer service.  Well done!



Took my score up 93 points in less than 3 months.  Keep up the good work!



Everyone did great, amazing how quickly we had results.  Very happy!



I really am very happy with your help on my credit!  I appreciate all the effort the team did to help me to get in to my dream home sooner!  Keep up the great job!



Absolutely patient!  I had many questions and not once did I receive push back or attitude from any representative I spoke to.  Your company has amazing staff!  Second time working with you guys and I am extremely satisfied with your services.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful educative and very attentive staff you have.  My experience has been absolutely amazing.



I loved working with all of my people!  I would recommend you to anyone.  Raised my credit score 50 or 60 points.  Very pleased.



Excellent communication and fantastic results.  Very happy with the service.



This company is amazing, they have done so much in repairing my credit that I now can confidently continue to restore it and keep raising my scores.  Thank you for all the amazing help in this process.

— Ricardo

You have worked in a very professional way, honestly we are very happy with your services. Thank you very much for everything you have done for us.

-Mary and Carlos


We have loved your service. We signed up with the goal of purchasing a home and I write this from my bedroom in our new home that we closed on last week!



This was my first experience using this type of service, and I was expecting them to drag out the process in order to get the most money possible out of me… I was surprised and pleased at the communication level and the speed with which they accomplished the task.  Great job!!



All – I just got off the phone with Premier’s Jose and Aragon, the account has been paid in full and as stated below they have agreed to delete the account from my credit.  Katrinka – I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you and your team for all your help and efforts on my behalf… You all have already stepped up more than I could have imagined and this takes it to the next level… Thank you, thank you, thank you…



This was a great option for somebody like me.  I fully endorse your services.  Let me know if you need me on a commercial 🙂



I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note. I just re-pulled credit on Ferguson, my first file with Premier, and it’s beautiful!! You guys are amazing and my clients are raving fans of yours.  Thanks again!



By the way, met with Jason a few minutes ago, he was so happy he couldn’t stop smiling. He is pre approved and now looking for a house. He couldn’t say enough good about you guys. Thank you.



I am so thankful to you and all your help thus far, it has been so wonderful to see this happen! I am kind of proud of myself!!! LOL.  Best



Thank you so much for all that you did. You were my angel in this and at a time when I needed one. I hope you know how much you have impacted my life by doing this. It wasn’t just numbers you fixed . . . All my best



Everyone at Premier Credit Consulting was courteous and respectful throughout the entire process. I appreciate the opportunity they presented to me.  My debt is clear, and I could not be happier.  A plan was put into place in the beginning, and it was followed throughout.  I will absolutely recommend anyone in need of credit repair to Premier Credit Consulting.



We have had a positive experience with PCC.  We would use your services again if needed.



I’m amazed more people haven’t heard of you.  You all do amazing work.  I’ve referred people to your business.  Can’t thank you enough, you allowed us to be homeowners.

– Amy


Katrinka you are the best! I can’t believe this was resolved. I had completely given up! I will be happy to complete the survey for you.  Is there any kind of document proving this resolution, you can provide, that we can keep in our files forever?  Thank you so much for your help. I have been completely blown away by your dedication to customer service, communication, and success. You are something special and I hope you are being compensated accordingly.

– Brandon & Anita


Just wanted to reach out and thank you and your team at Premier for the insanely fantastic job that they have done for us on our personal credit items.  Our last payment is scheduled to come out later this month and everything is done that can be.  The results were phenomenal and I was amazed at how simple and easy it was during the process and the results that came from it.  Great job to everyone involved and this helps me push your services/product to my own clients that are in need even more.  Please pass along a job well done to the team and keep up the good work!



We’re so happy in our new house! Thank you!



Wow, Chelsea!! That is such great news! You have help lift such a weight from our shoulders! I’m so glad this is all behind us, and we can move on!! You have been instrumental in helping us reach our goals, and we are now able to move forward with our lives! Thank you so much, we appreciate all your hard work over the past months. Best wishes, and keep up the good work!



I want to thank you all for all the hard work and support you gave me over the last year. I was able to repair my credit and now everything looks great.
Please cancel my account since we don’t have any more work to do. I will recommend your services to anyone I find in need of credit repair. best to you!



Your team is the best. I am going to have you guys fix my Wife’s credit too. Thanks and have a great day.



Yes, those results were amazing! I have been bragging about you guys, with this success already! Thank you. Respectfully,



Thank you for all of your help.
Your company has been wonderful in helping us to fix our credit and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of the same service.

Have a wonderful weekend,



He actually closed and funded on his home yesterday thank you so much for all your help really could not been done without you guys.



And thank you for getting his credit to the point of being able to purchase his home! I still can’t believe that huge collection was deleted off credit! You guys rock!



My wife and I had a great call with Andrew Leddy last night. We signed up to get started. Thanks for making the connection… He was kind enough to have a late call with us, and, he was as more helpful and informative than could ever be expected. He deserves to be recognized for his great service…

Thanks all,



Just wanted to share with everyone a success story. We enrolled Lori back in December 2012. She did well in the program and we just pulled a new mortgage report and her scores increased on epic levels.

TransUnion: 577 to 741 (+165)
Equifax: 589 to 701 (+112)
Experian: 597 to 676 (+79)


“We are closing on our house 7/26. What a success story thanks to Premier Credit’s help! Thank you for your personal attention in the last months. We have been very impressed with you and Premier Credit.”

– Brandon and Anita


“Thank you so much for everything Seann. You have been so awesome in working diligently to get my mess cleaned up, and you have kept me updated every step of the way. I am so impressed with you and your company I will highly recommend you to anybody who might need your services. I also really like the credit summary you gave me that shows the steps to take to continue improving my credit.”

– Lynette


“Alex, Katrinka, and all the Premier Credit Consulting, I have no words to express my gratitud for that you have done. You are the best honest prefoessionals I have met doing this job. I know my Credit now is up dated and since now on is my resposibility to take care of that. I will recomend your services any opportunity I have besides that I keep you in my heart for your kindness, and to be there alwas for me during the whole process my credit repair needed. God bless you all and good luck.”

– Elizabeth


“I was never excited about my credit score before but learning more about it has taught me so much thanks to you all at Premier Credit Consulting. I am telling everyone I know that needs credit help…LOL. I know my co-worker keeps thanking me over and over. She told me yesterday that your team saved her $10,000 in intrest on her student loans and that a few of the garnishments she had will be deleted due to improper process of the garnishment.

“Thanks again”

– Shannon


“My name is Alberto, I am a client with Premier Credit, and I’m writing this short note to compliment you on a job well done sir, I wanted to let you know that Tyler has been doing an amazing job, not only did he take the time to help my wife and I, but he treated us with the [uppermost] respect and kindness. On a time when everyone else seemed to close their doors to us, your company has open not only your doors but your arms in friendship as well. Never before did we feel the confidence we feel now, I know that Premier Credit will make our dream of buying our dream home a reality.

“Thank you again for all your help and support, keep up the great work.”

– Alberto


“You went above and beyond. Thank you for teaching us the proper way that things are to be done. You have always treated us with the utmost kindness and courtesy. Thank you a thousand times.”

– Lowell and Pat


“First I wanted to thank you for the time and effort that you spent on helping me get my credit straightened out. I could have never been able to do it myself, and I had tried for years with no success, so thank you so much.

“Again, thank you so much for all you did for me”

– Marlene


“I have to admit that when I first set up a meeting with the credit repair team, I was fully expecting them to only perform the bare minimum services and not be very eager to help me. I thought to myself, “This is just a way to get me in and pressure me into a sale”. What a pleasant surprise to be able to say that was the furthest thing from the truth! They made me feel like I was the only customer and the most important customer they had. We encountered some very challenging issues and deadlines to the point where I was just ready to give up but they remained focused, dedicated and positive all the way to the end. And thank goodness they did or I probably would not be enjoying my beautiful new home today!

“It became obvious to me very quickly that these people do what they do because they have a passion to really help the dream of home ownership become a reality for people. They knew exactly what they were doing, how to handle each situation and most importantly, how to help me understand and feel good about everything along the way.

“I can’t say enough good things about their services. I’ve told all my family and friends about my experience and people are shocked to hear how above and beyond the Premier team went. I most certainly will not hesitate to recommend these services to anyone I know who is need of them.

“My sincerest and deepest thanks for all you have done!”

– Diana

Utah credit repair service to rebuild credit

“We recently moved back from St. George with the intent to settle down and purchase a new home. As we made arrangements with our lender to begin the process of qualifying, we were shocked to find that a very serious and negative mistake had been made on our credit reports. As a result, our scores dropped significantly and we were obviously informed that we would not be able to qualify.

“We found Premier Credit through a close family member and made the decision to enroll in credit restoration services… Instantly, the Premier team went to work on our behalf and resolved the negative items. Our scores went up quickly and thanks to Premier Credit, we now reside in our beautiful new home in the Salt Lake area.

“Thank You!”

– Debbie and Mitch


“Working with Premier Credit Consulting saved me over $12,000 and helped me qualify for the best interest rate available. The personalized approach and customer service was outstanding. Thanks again for all your help!”

– Andrew


“I would like to thank you for everything you helped me with concerning my credit. I couldn’t have done it without your company. Your unbelievable efficiency and professionalism while handling my case was top notch. I would recommend you to anyone and wouldn’t hesitate to use your company again in the future if need be. Again, thank you for everything.”

– Dustin


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help you guys are giving us. I feel like we finally have a solid plan and aren’t just spinning our wheels around and around. I just feel relief that we finally have a light at the end of what has often seemed like a never ending tunnel. I wish we had done this years ago instead of trying to tackle it ourselves.”

– Shannon


“We just wanted to say thanks for all your help in this process. There is absolutely no way we could have gotten to this point without your help. We’re truly grateful and we won’t hesitate to send work your way in the future.”

– Jesse and Tiffany