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When clients come to you with less than perfect credit, you can let them know that they have options. We will work with both you and your clients to improve their credit.
Don't let your customer's credit history stop them from having the home of their dreams. Our credit repair services help your customer to qualify for a new home.
Your personal credit history is one of the single most important factors to your financial security, success, and peace of mind.

4 Unexpected Things That Can Hurt Your Credit Score

June 27th, 2017
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About Premier Credit

Learn what the Premier Credit difference is from the owners and real customers.

40 Million Mistakes: Is your credit report accurate?

"The problem is that it's not really within the power of the average person using the system to fix mistakes". Steve Kroft

Rick: Testimonial

Rick needed help to get his credit scores up. Find out how we helped raise his score almost 100 points!

Tim & Tammy: Testimonial

Tim and Tammy needed to not only buy a house by sell their house with multiple liens on their credit. Find out how we were able to help them!


Restore Your Credit – Enhance Your Life

At Premier Credit Consulting, a Utah credit consulting and credit repair company, we provide personalized credit solutions to meet your needs by implementing our 5-phase Premier Credit Restoration Process.

Premier Credit offers a realistic, legal and effective approach to restoring your credit. At Premier Credit, our approach is much different. Every client receives a customized personal consultation and expert analysis from our in-house team of credit experts and legal counsel and that’s just the beginning.

Once enrolled, you’ll immediately begin the Premier Credit Restoration process. With Premier Credit Consulting, we provide exceptional results in less time so you can move on with the knowledge and skills acquired to maintain your credit worthiness.

Credit Analysis

Every individual’s credit history provides an impression to lenders so they can determine the risk in lending you money.  No two are exactly alike. This is why it’s crucial that each report is analyzed independently.  At Premier Credit Consulting, we don’t simply offer a solution for multiple disputes to the credit bureaus as an attempt to repair credit. Our approach is personal and aggressive so that you and your family have financial security, success and peace of mind. 

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  • "Congress envisioned that CROA would provide a viable business model for honest companies to fulfill the critical consumer need for credit repair."

    The Chairman of the US House Financial Services Committee,
    Spencer Bachus
    July 18, 2011