We know that it is vitally important that your client’s credit history is accurately represented so they qualify for the mortgage they deserve. Through our aggressive, customized approach, we will help remove negative information from your clients’ credit reports, offer them personalized counseling, and help them be prepared to get the mortgage they need.

More Qualified Clients = More Closed Loans

Loan officers and real estate professionals who partner with Premier Credit find that they are not only able to help improve the lifestyles of their clients, but also close more loans. Benefits to partnering with us include:

  • Faster resolution of credit problems
  • Expert, personalized credit advice for your clients
  • Providing options for clients with less than perfect credit
  • A credit repair plan customized to your individual situation
  • Clients have more mortgage options with better credit

We Make You Look Good

Our professional staff will help you look good by treating your clients with the respect they deserve and gaining outstanding results. Your clients will have a great experience with us, which will reflect positively on their opinion of you.

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