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Your credit score is a “snapshot” of your credit history at that moment in time. As the content of your credit history changes, credit scores will change accordingly.

Credit Restoration

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Credit Analysis

Begin by providing us with copies of your credit reports from all three of the major credit bureaus. Our team of credit and legal experts will perform a thorough inspection of your report and provide you with a detailed Credit Analysis and action plan.

Negative Items Identified

You inform Premier Credit Consulting of items to dispute from your personal credit reports and additional information you may feel is necessary to aid in the removal of the inaccurate, negative accounts.

Premier Credit Consulting Goes to Work for You!

Our experienced staff begins to execute your personalized action plan. We’ll challenge the negative items directly with the credit bureaus. We’ll continue to address each item, applying our credit restoration strategies to eliminate the inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete negative accounts.

Welcome to Peace of Mind

The credit bureaus and creditors have 30 days to respond according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. With mail time, you can expect to receive updated results in your mailbox within 45 days. Each credit bureau and creditor must provide proof that the account being challenged is reporting accurately, otherwise they must remove it. Simply send us the updated results and we’ll move ahead removing more negative items from your reports.

Premier Credit is your Utah credit restoration expert.